Exercising = Simple

October 11, 2019

Okay so back in Sydney, I trained a lot of people, estimated to be aprox around 600+ people, 6 days and about 37 classes per week. I trained in a lot of gyms and get sent a lot of memes (generally about burpees and that hidden camera kinda one with the guy head-butting the air with a cable machine wrapped around his head) but the one thing that I see a lot of is over complication for really simple exercises. This is how we either A. get hurt or B. turn into a meme for others enjoyment.  

Wear something you feel confident in, and this is a big part of where Neo Noir started. I would have so many clients come to me and ask where to get active wear that felt & looked great on, were high quality and that didn't cost a fortune....there's not much around that hit all the dot points. Hence the creation of @neonoir.fit (check us on facebook and insta)


Keeping it simple...


What is your goal? 



These are the 2 questions I always ask my clients. You NEED to be able to answer the why honestly (no matter what the answer is) because then you are 99.99% more likely to achieve it. 

If you are new to the gym or you really don't know what you're doing or if you just need that extra push; invest on getting yourself a personal trainer. Trust me, its worth the $$ to get yourself comfortable in the gym and see some great results, especially if you want to see some big changes or if you have injuries (I will touch on this in a seperate post.)


But just a guide for the following:

Weight loss - Get sweating, if you're doing cardio, hit all areas of the body. If you're doing weights do high reps (10-12)

Build - Less reps higher weight (I will say around 6 - 8)

Maintain - You can comfortably sit around the medium rep range (10)

**This is very very basic and every body is different so if you do want to start training email neonoir.fit@gmail.com and set up a consultation. **




Train to feel good, train to make your body smile from the inside, it is seriously so amazing what moving your body can do to your mood. If you like pilates, running or weights....do what feels good! If your "schedule" says to do weights but really its screaming to do a nice stretchy yoga class, go do the yoga class. Do you and inspire your training.


You can head over to Neo Noir's youtube channel to check out some at home/gym workouts that I will be uploading.










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Exercising = Simple

October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019

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