Who We are

Ruben & Loren are Neo Noir's power couple. Having always had the desire in being entrepreneurs, a background in fitness and design; Australia's newest activewear label was created. ​ The building of the company took over a year to construct as they wanted the foundation to be set for the successful future ahead. Neo Noir is designed to be for all forms of fitness so that all clients feel inspired and motivated to train. ​ Starting from sketches in a notepad, Neo Noir is finally here for you to train, sweat and achieve your goals in!

What We Do


We are a new Australian business, and our main goal is to make you happy! Vision in everything we do, be true to our vision, and respectful of others. We are here to bring ideas to life. There is no idea too big or too small.


Progression Our products exist at the intersection of engineering and art. To remain at the forefront of both, we need to be fearlessly progressive and consistently future-conscious. We are not future-proof. We are the future. We take responsibility not only for the quality of the garments we produce but also how we operate as a company. Know that when you buy Neo Noir, you are supporting an Australian company that cares about the planet and all the people on it.

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