About Us

Meet Ruben and Loren, the dynamic duo behind Neo Noir, a burgeoning force in the world of activewear. With an enduring entrepreneurial spirit and a unique blend of fitness expertise and design acumen, they birthed Australia's freshest activewear label.

The genesis of this venture was no overnight feat. It took a dedicated year of meticulous planning and construction, with Ruben and Loren meticulously crafting the company's foundation to ensure a bright and prosperous future. Neo Noir was envisioned to be more than just activewear; it was conceived as a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals across the fitness spectrum.

From the initial sketches scrawled in a humble notepad to the final product now at your fingertips, Neo Noir stands as a testament to the passion and determination that fueled its creation. It's here to accompany you on your journey, helping you train, sweat, and ultimately conquer your fitness goals.